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Y5-51 series boiler induced draft fan

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Application: G/Y5-51 type boiler centrifugal extraction fan/induced draft fan is mainly used in power plant 2t/h ~ 670t/h steam boiler induction system. At the same time, the high pressure parameters of the fluidized bed boiler can be satisfied. This series of fans can also be used for dust removal, mining ventilation and general ventilation systems. The medium transported by the G5-51 centrifugal fan is air, and the medium transported by the Y5-51 centrifugal fan is flue gas or gas containing impurities and particles. Impurities less than 200mg/m3 can be used for more than 4 years, otherwise the service life is relatively shortened.
Impeller diameter: 500~2200mm
Air volume range: 2000~270000 m3/h
Pressure range: pressure up to 6000Pa
Working temperature: -20°C~250°C
Drive mode: C, D


Main features

※ The fan adopts single suction and the impeller adopts backward tilting blade, which has good aerodynamic performance and stable reliability of operation.
※ The fan uses a high-strength wear-resistant impeller, which uses a rear plate blade, small airflow impact, good stability, not easy to overload the motor, greatly prolonging the service life of the fan. And the pressure coefficient of this fan is high, the external speed is low, and the noise is small, so it has good practicability. Oil leak proof bearing box.
※ Wide range of high efficiency working conditions, dense fan number arrangement, easy selection of high efficiency working conditions
※ The transmission group is composed of spindle, bearing box, rolling bearing, pulley or coupling, etc.
※ Fan standard supporting inlet and outlet soft connection, damping type spring composite shock damper
※ The fan can provide air inlet adjusting damper, bearing temperature and vibration sensor, impeller cleaning nozzle and other optional accessories to choose from.
※ The drive unit, motor and coupling cover of the G/Y5-51 fan of 16d and below are assembled on an integrated base before leaving the factory; The housing, air intake and damper are another set of components: for small models of fans, they are assembled into two parts; For large fans, in order to facilitate transportation and installation, the fan will be disassembled into several parts.
※ The fan adopts overhanging support structure, convenient layout, direct motor drive, uniform torque transmission, small vibration, reliable operation. ※ Fan installation, maintenance is convenient.

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