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DTF-P series belt transmission axial fan

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In order to meet the special requirements of different places of use and the use environment, especially in paper making, chemical, composite materials and other industries, in the case of high temperature, humidity, pH or special dust environment, to avoid damage caused by direct contact between the motor and the air flow, our company according to the on-site needs of customers, Specially developed to adapt to different conditions required by the belt drive axial flow fan series, the motor from the internal wind simple to external, the use of belt drive, so that the use of the motor environment has been greatly improved. It has the characteristics of low failure rate of motor, long service life of motor, easy maintenance and so on. DTF-P series belt driven axial flow fan, belongs to horizontal installation, the air direction is straight in and straight out, through the means of changing the fan speed can achieve different performance requirements; This type of axial fan is composed of air duct, impeller, bearing box or bearing seat, motor, belt, motor seat, belt protection cover, safety net and other components, the inlet and outlet can also be equipped with soft connection, motor and bearing requirements and brands can be configured according to customer needs.
Purpose: paper making workshop process air supply
The impeller diameter: 500 – 2800 mm
Air volume range: 5000-900000 m3/h
Pressure range: 1600 pa
Working temperature: -20 °C~80 °C
Driving mode: belt drive

The main features

& Ternary twisted wing type aluminum impeller, static and adjustable,two-way reversible type rotating impeller with large air volume, low noise, corrosion resistance, etc.
& Impeller are heat treatment, and the X-ray detection, safety and quality guaranteed.
& Surge device can be installed to prevent surge made by loss of speed.
& Fan size bigger than 14#,streamlined aluminum vans and arc Plate airfoil guide vanes are recommended,which can effectively improve airflow direction, and running efficiency.
& Transmission group consists of main shaft,bearing box, and rolling bearing , pulley/grease lubrication,refueling device leads to the outer wall of ram.
& External type motor, belt drive, rain cover attached for outdoor fans.
& Vertical or horizontal type,according to installation type and flow direction
& Optional inlet and outlet flexible joints, dampers.

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