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4-73-13D Low Press Exhaust Air Centrifugal Fan

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Product Detail

 mode Rotation angle  Air volume pressure speed power
4-73-13D LEFT 0℃ 127440 3600 1440 4P200

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Product characteristics

The 4-73-13D centrifugal fan is a product in the 4-73 low pressure centrifugal fan series. It can be modified according to different air media, temperature and humidity. By changing the material and structure of the fan, if the function of the fan is ventilation, the conveying medium is air, and the maximum temperature does not exceed 80℃. If the function of the 4-73-13D centrifugal fan is to induce wind, the medium transported is smoke, and its maximum temperature does not exceed 250 ° C. And the dust removal device must be installed before the air inlet, which can reduce the dust content of the flue gas entering the fan. If applied to the power plant suction system, the dust removal efficiency of the fan should not be less than 85%. The blower is widely used in the induced draft fan system of boiler paper making, chemical industry, coating and other occasions.
Impeller diameter :800 ~ 3150mm
Air volume range :10000 ~ 870000 m3/h
Pressure range :6000 pa
Operating temperature :-20℃~250℃
Drive mode :A, B, C, D, F

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Main feature

※ Centrifugal fan impeller molding, blade Angle is more accurate, Weld treatment and welding standards meet international requirements.
※ The fan adopts single air inlet design and backward inclined impeller design, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise.
※ The design of the fan casing adopts the streamlined volute design with high efficiency, which is in line with the aerodynamic force and is highly efficient and stable.
※ The air inlet of the air manifold housing is designed to be a convergent and streamlined structure, so that the air flow can be evenly distributed within the width of the flow channel.
※ The fan drive mode is D-type drive, bearing box; Can choose integral bearing box, or independent bearing housing
※ housing side shaft end, set sealing assembly and cooling wind wheel, can effectively prevent air leakage, and reduce fan temperature.
※ Inlet and outlet soft joints, shock dampers , inlet valves, bearing temperature and vibration sensors, impeller cleaning nozzle accessories are available for customers.

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