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G4-73, Y4-73 series Centrifugal induced draft fan for boiler

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Application: G4-73 and Y4-73 boiler ventilation and induced draft fan are suitable for 2-670T/h steam boiler ventilation and induced draft system in thermal power plants. According to the different air medium, temperature, humidity, can be modified design, change the fan material and structure, the same can be used in paper making, chemical industry, painting and other occasions. The medium transported by the fan is air, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80 ° C. The transport medium of the induced draft fan is smoke, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 250℃. Before the induced draft fan, it is necessary to install a dust removal device to reduce the dust content of the flue gas entering the fan as much as possible. According to the general use of power plants, the dust removal efficiency shall not be less than 85%.
The impeller diameter: 800 ~3150 mm
Air volume range: 10000-870000 m3/h
Pressure range: 6000 pa
Working temperature: -20℃~250℃
Driving mode: A,B,C,D,F

G4-73, Y4-73 series (2)

The main features

※ With single suction, back ward wing type of the centrifugal impeller, has the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise.
※Adopt high-effciency streamlined design of the spiral case, more aerodynamic.
※Casing inlet is equipped with high efficient convergence streamlined inlet,which makes the air can be within the scope of the flow channel width of uniform distribution.
※Fan drive group in No8~16th adopt the whole cylinder bearing box; No18 ~ 28 consists of two independent pillow bearing box. oil lubrication bearing box is equipped with oil level indicator. High temperature fan is water or oil cooling bearing box.
※According to the requirement No. 20-31.5, is F type transmission, No. 8 – 29.5 is D transmission, other small specifications of the fan can be
designed into A, B, C drive.
※Casing side shaft end, set the seal assembly, effectively prevent air leakage, high temperature fans equips casting aluminum cooling disc.
※Inlet and outlet flexible joints,dampers.
※Inlet valve,bearing temperature and vibration sensors,impeller cleaning nozzle are optional.

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