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HTFC-25AK series combined hot air unit

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HTFC-25AK series combined heating unit, is also the introduction of advanced technology from Germany and Japan, through Shanghai JiaoTong University and the company’s technology center to absorb, digest, improve and successfully developed a box heating type centrifugal fan. Widely used in office buildings, paper industry, civil buildings and air conditioning and ventilation projects, but also exported to Southeast Asia, well received by users. HTFC-25AK series combined heating unit, according to its different requirements, can be configured with mixing section, initial effect filter section, medium effect filter section, heating section, fan section, silencer section, air outlet section and other functional sections, according to the actual use requirements can be freely combined.
Application: paper making workshop heating and exhausting
The impeller diameter: 450~1400 mm
Air volume range: 8000-250000 m3/h
Pressure range: 2000 pa
Working temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C
Driving mode: belt straight league

Main feature

※ multi blades or backwards high efficiency centrifugal fan equipped according to work c0ndition.
※ Framework uses the high strength aluminum alloy mortise and tenon joint structure design,strong and the maintenance is convenient.
※ Enclosure plate design for heat preservation, and ensure the minimum clearance between frames,in order to prevent air leakage.
※ According to the different thermal coal, hot water operated and steam heat exchanger can be selected.
※ Motor, bearings, belt triangle brand can be chosen according to customer’s different demands freedom.
※ Units can be configured to filter, noise elimination, humidification paragraphs,and other functions,to meet the needs of different functions.
※ Outlet direction, according to actual needs, a variety of angles to choose.
※ inlet and outlet flexible joints,dampers are installed.

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