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LBF(R) series wall type (hot) fan unit

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LBF(R) series side wall type air supply (heat) unit, this is one of our patented products (patent name is a wall-mounted industrial air conditioning unit, patent number :ZL 2012 2 0099521.3), this equipment is widely used in foreign projects, the unit includes fan section, heat exchange section, muffler section, air inlet section, air outlet section and intermediate section. According to different performance parameter requirements, the middle fan section can use efficient and energy-saving axial flow fans or centrifugal fans, the technical performance has been greatly improved and promoted, high heat exchange efficiency, installed on the wall, can save space, energy saving, noise reduction section can reduce noise, can replace imported products, reduce initial investment, and low operating costs can greatly improve the economic benefits of the paper mill.

Purpose: paper making workshop to send wind (hot)
The impeller diameter: 500 – 1000 mm
Air volume range: 10000-80000 m3/h
Pressure range: 300 pa
Working temperature: -20°C ~60°C
Driver: motor direct drive


The main features

& Unit installed between two columns in the paper making workshop , greatly reduce installation area. Unit adopts the direct supply method, dispense a wide range of duct of piping.
& Efficient axial fan, air volume is big, small space needed.
& Framework uses the high strength aluminum alloy mortise and tenon joint structure design, strong and the maintenance is convenient.
& Enclosure plate design for heat preservation, and ensure the minimum clearance between frames, in order to prevent air leakage.
& According to the different thermal medium, hot water operated and steam heat exchanger can be selected, pipeline and valve group and other accessories can be installed.
& Units can be configured to filter, noise elimination, humidification paragraphs, and other functions, to meet the needs of different functions.
& Air flow is from outdoor, stainless steel rain cover and safety guard equipped
& PLC control system can be installed according to customer’s need installation.

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