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LBFR-50 Series wall type(hot) fan unit

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LBF(R)-50 series side wall air supply (heat) unit is a product of the side wall air supply (heat) unit jointly developed by the technology center of Zhejiang Pengxiang hvac Equipment Co., LTD and domestic universities. Compared to the LBR(R)-10 unit, this product has a greater air volume. The whole unit includes fan section, heat exchange section, silencer section, air inlet section, air outlet section, noise reduction section and intermediate section. Each section can have different functions, such as noise reduction section can effectively reduce the noise of the unit, improve the utilization rate of the workshop, achieve energy saving and high efficiency, fan section can be selected according to customer requirements of energy-efficient axial flow fans or centrifugal fans. We can be customized according to customer and site requirements, free combination of various functional segments.

Application: paper workshop air supply (hot)
impeller diameter: 500-1000mm
Air volume range :10000-80000 m3/h
Pressure range :300pa
Working temperature :-20℃~60℃
Drive mode: motor direct drive

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Main feature

※ Easy to install. This product is generally installed in the paper workshop between the two pillars, the equipment covers a small area.
※ The air supply mode of the unit adopts direct air supply mode, which saves the cost and space of using pipeline transmission.
※ The fan section can choose high efficiency axial flow fan or high efficiency axial flow fan, with large air volume and small volume.
※ Frame adopts high-strength aluminum alloy structure design, strong and easy to maintain.
※ The enclosure plate of the box is designed as insulation type, and the gap of the frame is small, so as to prevent air leakage.
※ Hot air unit can also choose hot water type or steam type heat exchanger according to the different power medium, and can also choose the relevant pipes, valves and other accessories.
※ According to different working conditions, the unit can be configured with filtration section, noise reduction section, humidification section and other functions to meet the needs of different functions.
※ The unit is designed to use outdoor fresh air, and equipped with stainless steel rain cover and safety protection devices.
※ PLC control system can be installed according to customer needs.

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