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4-79 Series Low Press Exhaust Air Centrifugal Fan

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Application: Usage: This series of fan can be used for indoor ventilation of general factories and buildings, and can also be matched with air conditioning purification equipment. There is no viscous substance in the gas, the dust and hard particles contained are not more than 150mg/m2, and the gas temperature is not more than 80 ° C. It can be used as input gas or output gas.
The impeller diameter: 300 – 2000 mm
Air volume range: 2000-430000 m3/h
Pressure range: 2600 pa
Working temperature: – 20 °C ~ 80 °C
Driving mode: 4-79 series product specifications from 3#-20# a total of 20 machine numbers. 3-6# is type A transmission, the outlet Angle adjustment range is 0° -225°, the interval is 45°7-8# is type C transmission, 10-20# is type E transmission, the outlet Angle can be made into the required fixed Angle; 5-20# can be made into double suction fans.


The main features

&According to the working condition, the fan can use single or double suction, the backward of circular arc blades impeller has good aerodynamic performance and reliability of smooth operation.
&No3~6 fan is A transmission; No7~18 fan adopts mining, E,C type transmission No20, fan adopts B,D,E type transmission.
&No8~20 fan can use double suction fan.
&Transmission part group consists of main shaft, bearing box, rolling bearing, pulley or coupling, etc.
&Fan outlet standards into soft connection and compound type damping spring shock damper etc.
&Fan can provide air inlet damper cleaning nozzle, bearing temperature measuring vibration sensor, impeller and other options to choose from.
&Inlet and outlet flexible joints, dampers.
&Inlet valve, bearing temperature and vibration detective sensors, impeller cleaning nozzle are optional.

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