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4-72 (4-70), B4-72 series Centrifugal fan

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These two products are more conventional low-pressure centrifugal fans. 4-72 type centrifugal fan can be used for indoor ventilation in general large factories and large buildings. The requirements for conveying gas are: air or other air that will not spontaneously ignite, harmless to the human body, and non-corrosive to steel; B4-72 centrifugal fan is also used for indoor ventilation in factories and large buildings, but it is an explosion-proof centrifugal fan, and the motor he uses is also explosion-proof motor. Its particularity is that its circulation gas is flammable and volatile, but the gas is not allowed to have viscous substances, and the dust and hard particles contained are not more than 150mg/m³. These two low-pressure centrifugal fans have the same structure in terms of structure and selection of accessories. The transmission part consists of a spindle, bearing box, rolling bearing, pulley or coupling. According to the requirements, the impeller is generally composed of 10 receding airfoil blades, curved front disk and flat rear disk. The material is made of steel plate or cast aluminum alloy, and is corrected by dynamic and static balance. It has good air performance and is widely praised by the industry.
Impeller diameter range: 280~2000mm
Air volume range: 1000~220000m 3 /h
Pressure range: pressure up to 3000Pa
Operating temperature: -20°C~80°C.
Fan transmission mode: A.B.C.D.

4-72 (4-70), B4-72 series Centrifugal fan (5)

main feature

※The fan generally adopts a single suction inlet, impeller type is backward inclined, with the advantages of high efficiency and low noise.
※ The design of the fan casing adopts efficient and streamlined volute design, and the use efficiency is stable.
※ The air inlet design of the fan adopts efficient convergent streamlined air inlet, so that the air can be evenly distributed in the width of the flow channel.
※ The two fans are generally composed of impeller, housing, inlet and outlet, motor, etc. The type A fan in the 4-72 centrifugal fan is directly connected to the motor (No2.8-6), and the fans using the C and D transmission mode are added with a pulley or shaft transmission device.
※ The fan can provide air inlet adjusting damper, bearing temperature and vibration sensor, impeller cleaning nozzle, as well as inlet and outlet soft connection, shock damper and other accessories for customers to choose.

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