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PENGXIANG ZP series circle silencer

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Silencer is a device that allows air flow through, but can prevent or reduce the transmission of sound, and is an important measure to eliminate air dynamic noise. silencer can block the propagation of sound waves and allow airflow through, which is an effective tool for controlling noise.
There are many types of silencer, according to the silencer mechanism, it can be divided into six main types, namely resistance silencer, resistance silencer, impedance compound silencer, micro-perforated plate silencer, small hole silencer and active silencer.
ZP series silencer is a resistant sheet structure, its sound absorption sheet thickness is divided into 100 (standard type), 200 (thickened type), 300 (extra thick type), with the increase in the thickness of the film, low frequency silencer in, silencer frequency band widening, ZP type silencer can be widely used in industrial and civil buildings in the ventilation and air conditioning system and low pressure gas transmission series of silencer.
Purpose: reduction of noise for Ventilation equipment
Reduction volume: 15~25 db(A)
Resistance loss: 4 mm H2O (wind speed 6m/s)

The main features

& Silencers can be divided into the impedance silencer, impedance compound silencer, micro perforated plate silencer, hole silencer and active silencer.
& Silencer can be made of galvanized steel,carbon steel spraying and stainless.
& Sound-absorbing material is centrifugal glass wool, with glass cloth from on outside and porous or porous board on internal surface;the thickness can be adjusted according to volume reduction needs.

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