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HTF series fire smoke axial fan

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HTF series of high temperature smoke exhaust axial fan is developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University and Zhejiang Pengxiang HVAC Equipment Co., LTD. It has the characteristics of excellent high temperature resistance, high efficiency, less area than centrifugal fan, convenient installation, and is widely used in senior civil buildings, ovens, underground garages, tunnels and other occasions. It can also be used according to the different requirements of advanced civil buildings, variable speed or multi-speed drive form, in order to achieve the purpose of one machine and two uses (that is, common ventilation and high temperature smoke exhaust when fire fighting); HTF series fire high temperature smoke exhaust axial flow fan has passed the type test certification of the national Fire Equipment Supervision and Inspection Center.
Impeller diameter: 350~1600 mm
Air volume range: 3300~120000 m3/h
Pressure range: pressure up to 800Pa
Operating temperature: 280°C/0.5h
Drive mode: motor direct drive
medium conditions: Air (dust content does not exceed 100mmg/m3)

The main features

※ Thin plate type axial flow impeller, with large air volume, high efficiency characteristics.
※ Special high temperature resistant motor is used for supporting motor.
※ There are two types of fan according to different parameters: Type I and type II. Type I is single speed type and type II is double speed type.
※ The fan fire protection has passed the test of GA211-2009 “High Temperature Test Method of Fire Smoke exhaust Fan”.
※ The fan impeller can be molded and welded with carbon steel, and the dynamic balance accuracy can reach G2.5.
※ The carbon steel fan is sandblasted and the surface is sprayed with double-layer epoxy paint.
※ The fan is also equipped with fireproof smoke exhaust valve, fireproof soft connection of inlet and outlet, shock damper and other accessories.

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