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DFBZ series square wall type axial fan

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DFBZ series square wall axial flow fan is improved on the basis of T35 series axial flow fan, the whole machine is made of square, the impeller is made of aluminum alloy appearance. The built-in sound absorption material of the fan, in addition to retaining the performance and advantages of the T35 series fan, it also has the advantages of smooth operation, low vibration and low noise. Therefore, it is widely used in large-flow, low-pressure workshop sidewall ventilation. Uses: civil buildings, gymnasiums, entertainment places, light industry, food, medicine and other large flow, low pressure wall ventilation.
Impeller diameter: 280~800 mm
Air volume range: 600~20000 m3/h
Pressure range: Maximum pressure 250Pa
Operating temperature: -20°C ~60 °C
Drive mode: direct motor drive
medium conditions: the gas through the fan should be free of viscous and fibrous material and significant dust.
Humidity:< 90%。
working power supply: three-phase, 380V/50HZ

DFBZ series square wall type axial fan 2

The main features

※ The fan is composed of an impeller, an inner and outer shell, a collector, a protective net and a motor.
※ Fan impeller adopts forward-swept blade, low noise external rotor or inner rotor fan special motor directly connected drive.
※ The square shell design can be easily installed on the concrete wall, brick wall or light steel pressure wall panel, and the square rain cover structure is old and beautiful.
※ The fan is equipped with a 45° or 60° rain cover, and the rain cover is equipped with a bug proof net.
※ The air inlet of the fan is provided with a safety net to prevent foreign matter from being inhaled and damaging the impeller.
※ The fan can be made into anti-corrosion type and explosion-proof type to meet different occasions.
※ The fan impeller has carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials to choose from.
※ Accessories such as gravity check air valve are available.

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