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9-28 series high pressure centrifugal fan

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MODEL FLow volume Pressure Speed Power
 9-28-10D 25930m3/h 5870pa  1450RPM 75KW

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Type 9-28 high-pressure centrifugal fan is generally used in forging furnaces and high-pressure forced ventilation, and is widely used in material conveying, which can be used for conveying air and non-corrosive, non-spontaneous combustion, and non-viscous gases. The temperature of the conveying medium. Generally not more than 80 degrees, the dust and hard fine particles contained in the medium are not more than 150mg/m3. The fan can also be used as a high temperature fan for cement kiln external decomposition process (machine number 16 or above), steel smelting and other special occasions (use heat resistant, high strength materials).

The impeller diameter: 400~1600 mm
Air volume range: 800~120000 m3/h
Pressure range: 15000 pa
Working temperature: temperature: – 20°C~80°C
Driving mode: A, C, D, F

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Main feature

※ With single suction,impeller with forward curved blades.
※The impeller of model 9-28 fan has 16 long blades and 16 short blades. After the impeller is formed, it is corrected by static and dynamic balance, and the operation is stable and reliable.
※ No4~6.3 fan is A transmission Mainly composed of impeller, shell, air inlet, bracket, etc. ;Fan No7~16fan is C and D type transmission,mainly composed of impeller, shell, air intake, transmission group, etc. ;
F-type transmission is mainly composed of impeller, shell, air intake, air intake box, transmission group, etc
※ Fan inlet made constrictive streamlined structure.
※ Transmission part group consists of main shaft,bearing box,rolling bearing,pulley or coupling,etc.
※ Inlet and outlet flexible joints dampers.

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