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PENGXIANG DTF series direct connected axial flow fan

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DTF – a series of axial flow fan impeller, motor, chassis, the first (guide) inverter, such as fixed bracket, shock damper parts, generally divided into DTF (H), DTF (S), and the DTF (type V) three models, fan blade Angle is fixed, the leaf Angle is adjustable, static DTF (H), The maximum gas conveying temperature and continuous operation time of DTF(S) type are respectively 60 minutes continuous operation time at 300℃, and more than 2 hours continuous operation time at 180℃. The fan can be reliably applied to ventilation systems such as subway, tunnel, industry, complete sets, electric power, water conservancy dam, construction engineering, and process air supply in paper workshops.
Impeller diameter: 2.8~2800 mm
Air volume range: 700~900000 m3/h
Pressure range: pressure up to 1600 Pa
Operating temperature: -20°C~80°C
Drive mode: Direct motor drive

The main features

※The impeller of the fan adopts a ternary twisted airfoil cast aluminum impeller, which is static adjustable, and can rotate a bidirectional reversible impeller. The fan uses the latest international aerospace pneumatic design technology, which has high efficiency and wide efficient area. Starting from reducing the aerodynamic noise of the fan, the eddy current loss at the center and root of the fan blade is minimized, and the noise is very low.
※ The impeller is heat treated, and X-ray flaw detection is carried out, and the safety quality is guaranteed.
※ Fans in special occasions are equipped with anti-asthmatic devices, which can effectively prevent asthmatic phenomena caused by fan stall.
※For fans 14# and above, optional streamlined aluminum guide hood and arc plate airfoil rear guide vane can effectively improve the airflow direction and improve the fan operation efficiency.
※ The impeller of the fan is verified by the static balance and then the dynamic balance machine is accurately verified, and its balance accuracy reaches ISO-2.8 (higher than the national standard of 5.6). Before the machine leaves the factory, the impeller overspeed test, the vibration test and the pneumatic full performance test make it meet the requirements of stable and reliable high-speed operation.
※ The fan is driven by the motor directly, the motor can choose the fuel nozzle, the fuel nozzle is drawn to the outer wall of the shell, so as to facilitate the refueling and maintenance.
※ The fan can choose the inlet and outlet soft connection, shock absorption device, etc.

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