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The 2023 Jakarta International Paper Exhibition finished perfectly

微信图片_20231106112247The 2023 donesia International Paper Exhibition held in Jakarta, the exhibition theme includes paper making machinery and equipment, household paper machinery and equipment, paper making raw and auxiliary materials, pulp, paper, paper products, paper making chemicals and paper making automation and computer control systems related to the paper industry some machinery and equipment, It should be said that it is more suitable for the company’s product theme, which is also the starting point for us to sign up for this exhibition. Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It is the fourth most populous country in the world and is on the rise year by year. For its paper production market, Indonesia has a total pulp production capacity of 7.9 million tons per year and a paper production capacity of 12.17 million tons per year. Almost 100% of Indonesian paper mill machinery and equipment and accessories are imported, so the Indonesian paper market has great market potential. There are more Chinese enterprises participating in the Indonesian paper industry exhibition, and some light industrial products manufacturers of paper machinery are many, and there are three or four enterprises related to the production of steam hoods and other paper machinery, or steam hoods, such as Henan Central Asia and so on. Therefore, I also took this opportunity to familiarize myself with the upstream and downstream products in the industry and the general composition of the industrial chain, which is also a good learning. In this exhibition, we have improved the wall chart of the previous exhibition, and divided the products into two parts. Among them, the process centrifugal fan includes high, medium and low pressure centrifugal fans, as well as related supporting mufflers and other equipment. The other part is the workshop ventilation equipment, including the integrated photos of axial flow fans, roof fans, box fans and air conditioning fans. Strengthen the picture effect, so that customers can see the product at a glance, from the field effect, the customer is still more recognized. In addition, our company not only brought sample catalogs for customers, but also brought U disks introduced by the company, which can show company information more comprehensively, which other exhibitors are not prepared, next time we can prepare some product videos to put in, better show the company image. It is the most suitable way for us to open up new markets through powerful dealers to represent our products in a certain region. Powerful dealers can use their local influence and contacts to promote our products to enter the local market faster, and then gain a firm foothold in the local market with the quality and service of our products. This should be the most effective way to promote. A good beginning is half done. I believe we can do it.



Post time: Nov-16-2023