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pengxiang company attend the Thailand Paper Exhibition 2023

August 30, ASEAN (Thailand) Paper industry exhibition grand opening, this year's exhibition is a new upgrade, the exhibition location moved to the new expansion of Bangkok Queen Siriket National Convention Center (QSNCC), is one of the largest pulp and paper professional exhibition in ASEAN and pan-Asian region, Covering all aspects of the pulp and paper industry in the ASEAN region, it has created a platform for pulp and paper manufacturers to meet and negotiate with global paper industry machinery, equipment and service suppliers, and attracted a large number of professional visitors from ASEAN and neighboring countries on the first day of the exhibition.

As an important participant in the exhibition, a number of enterprises of China Pulp and paper Equipment National Exhibition Group (CPPEP) appeared at the exhibition site, and the booth of the national exhibition group was close to the core area of the on-site forum report, which attracted a lot of popularity on the first day of the exhibition.

Our company is fortunate to also participate in the exhibition of the national exhibition group of enterprises, with many well-known domestic enterprises to participate in this event.

Thailand is the second largest economy in ASEAN, a member and founding member of ASEAN, and is located in the center of ASEAN. At the same time, it is one of the emerging industrial countries and market economies. It implements liberal economic policies and is an export-oriented economy. The society is generally relatively stable, policy transparency and trade liberalization are relatively high, the business environment is open and inclusive, and it has strong radiation ability to neighboring countries, good economic growth prospects and large market potential. In addition, a number of seminars on the theme of advanced shutdown and new technologies were held at the exhibition site, inviting many entrepreneurs and industry association leaders to attend, and sharing professional views and suggestions on the development trend of the international paper market and emerging technologies.


Post time: Sep-28-2023