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Fans for IKKBM1 project delivered next month.

    Our company is a group of supporting fans specially created for IKK BM1  project of Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tbk, Karawang Company, a large international paper group under APP Group. This batch of fans of our company are put into various production processes such as pulp forming section, fiber cleaning section, pressure section and other processes, as well as the steam hood system, which plays an indispensable role in the production process of pulp. Centrifugal fans have a wide range of applications in the paper industry, mainly including the following aspects 1. Paper drying: Centrifugal fan is used for hot air supply during paper drying. They achieve fast and efficient paper drying by generating a strong airflow that sends hot air into the paper dryer and accelerates the evaporation of water from the paper. 2. Pulp conveying: Centrifugal fans are used to provide power and airflow in the pulp conveying system. They can transport pulp to different processing units, such as agitators, filters or centrifuges. The centrifugal fan can efficiently promote the pulp flow and ensure the smooth operation of the production line. 3. Exhaust system: Waste gas, steam and harmful gases generated in the paper making process need to be discharged through the exhaust system. Centrifugal fans are used to provide sufficient exhaust capacity to draw exhaust gases out of the production area and discharge them outdoors or to be treated appropriately. 4. Air circulation and ventilation: Centrifugal fans can be used in various areas of the paper mill to provide air circulation and ventilation. They improve the air quality of the working environment by introducing fresh air, eliminating dirty air and odors, and ensuring the health and comfort of employees. 5. Paper handling: Centrifugal fans can be used for paper handling, alignment and positioning. They create a strong airflow that keeps the paper flat and accurately positions the paper on the production line. Our company specializes in the production of various types of low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure centrifugal fans, the annual production capacity of 1000 sets, the product quality is high, has passed the ISO 9001 quality system certification. Products are sold at home and abroad, as the core supplier of VALMET, a large international integrated service group, the quality of centrifugal fans produced by our company is widely praised! In this batch of delivered centrifugal fan series, involving our production of as many as dozens of series, 4-73-20.5 fan used by the 20.5 impeller is a very high quality difficulty, but we have achieved a stable mass production of this series of fans, far more than many domestic fan manufacturers. At present, our customers have carried out the final acceptance of this batch of fans, and they will go abroad to Indonesia in November. Once again for our products to build overseas brands!



Post time: Oct-26-2023