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2023 China Paper high-quality Development Forum was successfully held

On November 15-16, the “2023 China Paper High-quality Development Forum and the 13th China Paper Pulp and Paper Technology Forum” was successfully held in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, which is the forum since 2017 after six years to come to Fuzhou again, the conference structure and quality have been greatly improved.


With the theme of “Focusing on new measures to reduce cost and increase efficiency, Cultivating new driving force for innovation and development”, this conference will interpret and analyze carbon reduction and energy-saving measures, efficiency improvement methods, data intelligence empowering scenarios, and sharing experience from many aspects such as industrial development trends, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative practical cases, in order to promote the papermaking industry to accelerate the adjustment of raw material structure, the reform of energy structure, and the development of key technologies. Achieve high-quality sustainable development. More than 300 people from papermaking enterprises and papermaking equipment, automation, chemicals, environmental protection and other related industries, scientific research institutions, consulting and design, news media attended the meeting.

This meeting is one of the “China Paper Week” series of activities created by the China Paper Association, sponsored by the China Paper Association, Fujian Paper Association, Guangdong Paper Industry Association, Zhejiang Paper Industry Association, Fujian Paper society co-organized, China Paper magazine hosted by many paper industry upstream and downstream units support.

The meeting on the morning of the 16th was presided over by Mr. Qian Yi, Vice Chairman and secretary-general of China Paper Association, and introduced the leaders and guests at the meeting. Mr. Zhao Wei, chairman of the China Paper Association, made a keynote report to introduce the production and operation of China’s paper industry in 2023.


Li Dong, Manager of Valmet (China) Co., LTD., and Zhang Guoxiang, manager of Valmet Paper Machinery (Changzhou) Co., LTD., jointly made the report “Valmet Technology Helps customers achieve sustainable competitiveness”, shared several of Valmet’s latest technologies and applications, and explained in detail the value of these technologies to customers and the application effects of peers.

The subsequent report session was presided over by Ms. Li Yufeng, deputy editor-in-chief of Zhonghua Paper Magazine.


Mr. Liu Yanjun, sales director of Fujian Light Industry Machinery Equipment Co., LTD., made a theme report of “New pulping equipment and energy-saving technology application – Introduction of pulping equipment and cooking liquid evaporation equipment”, introduced the representative pulping equipment and energy-saving technology of Fujian light machinery, including the latest chemical pulping system, low energy consumption intermittent replacement cooking equipment, etc., to help the low-carbon sustainable development of the paper industry.


Mr. Sui Xiaofei, Director of nanocellulose Project Department of Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd. gave a report entitled “Thinking and Development of nanocellulose for biomass Materials”, introducing the core advantages of nanocellulose of Shengquan Group and the latest progress in pulp and paper making and related fields.


Clyde Industries Inc. (Clyde Industries Co., LTD.) East Asia General Manager, Mr. Zhuang Huiying, gave a report on “Energy Saving and Efficiency Improvement Technology of Alkali Recovery Furnace Soot Blowing System”, introduced the global development history of Clyde Industries, and the application cases of efficient boiler soot blowing technology to help the pulp and paper industry save energy and reduce consumption.


Mr. Liu Jingpeng, senior solution engineer of Sunshine New Energy Development Co., Ltd. made a report on “Zero Carbon Solutions for the Paper Industry”, sharing the experience of Sunshine New Energy in the development and utilization of new energy, and is committed to promoting the transformation of clean production and sustainable development of traditional industries through new energy system technology.


At the end of the meeting, Zhang Hongcheng, editor-in-chief of Zhonghua Paper Magazine, made a summary of the meeting, as the final activity of the “China Paper Week”, pointed out that the meeting was closely related to the theme of “focusing on new measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency, cultivating new momentum for innovation and development”, and the participants have achieved results, and thanked the supporting units, speakers and delegates for their strong support of the meeting.

Post time: Nov-17-2023