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Which chips are needed for fan production?

Which chips are needed for fan production

1. Control chip

In the production of fans, one of the most important chips is the control chip, its main role is to control the entire operating system of the fan and the operation of various equipment. The control chip is usually composed of a central processing unit (CPU), memory and external interface, which can help the fan achieve various functions, such as automatic control, data processing and feedback. Common control chips are STM32F series, ATmega series, PIC series and so on.


2. sensor chip

The sensor chip can measure various data of the fan, such as temperature, speed, pressure, etc. By collecting these data, users can monitor the operating status of the fan, and discover and solve faults in time. The sensor chip includes pressure sensor, temperature sensor, speed sensor, etc. These chips are usually used in the motor control system. Common sensor chips are LM35, DS18B20, MPX5700 and so on.


3. power chip

Power chip is usually an important part of a variety of smart devices, they can output a variety of voltage, current and power, to provide a reliable power supply for the equipment, enhance the stability and durability of the equipment. The power chips needed in the production of fans are voltage regulators, DC stable power supplies, etc. The common power chip types are LM317, 78M05 and so on.

Four, signal processing chip

Signal processing chip can process current and voltage to achieve the purpose of improving the performance and stability of equipment. The signal processing chip is usually used in the motor control system, which can realize the proportional integral differential (PID) algorithm to control the motor speed, current and other parameters, and improve the fan operation efficiency and stability. Common signal processing chips are ADuC7020, STM32F100 and so on.

Five, bus chip

The bus chip is used to connect various devices and devices and build a communication bridge between devices, which is usually used in the fan control system. Common bus chips include CAN bus chip, RS-485 bus chip, etc., which can transmit data safely, quickly and reliably in various environments, enhance the communication ability of the device, and improve the operation efficiency and stability.

These are the types of chips and their functions needed for fan production. With the development of intelligent technology, more and more chips will be applied to the production of fans, improve the performance and stability of fans, and make greater contributions to industrial development and scientific and technological progress.



Post time: Nov-29-2023